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Urban Jungle is the ultimate adrenalin-filled activity to hit Sydney. Located in the grounds of the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Urban Jungle is the best high ropes Adventure Park located right in the centre of Sydney. Make a day of it and combine our thrilling aerial activity with the best swimming centre in the Southern Hemisphere.

Your entry fee entitles you up 2 hours in the Park, which includes a full safety briefing and a run through our practice course. 

There are 4 courses, with over 50 aerial activities ranging from between 2 and 6 metres up in the trees. Each course finishes with an amazing flying fox to get you back to ground level. Our courses are designed to be increasingly challenging so there is a course for all ages and skill levels.

Safety is our top priority at Urban Jungle, and our qualified instructors are there to ensure you have a safe, exciting and enjoyable time. All climbers must be aged 8 years and above, and be at least 1.25m tall. We require an adult to child supervision ratio of 1:4, so please ensure you have sufficient supervising adults organised before booking. Juniors 10 - 15  must be supervised by an adult either up on the ropes or following them at ground level. Children 8 or 9 must be accompanied by a climbing adult at the same 1:4 ratio.

No special knowledge or skill is required to climb at Urban Jungle. You will be given a safety briefing and a practice climb prior to accessing the courses.

Urban Jungle is the ideal destination for the ultimate birthday party or family outing. This unique and exciting experience will challenge your children, build their confidence and balance, and give them a great day out.

Safety Equipment

All climbers wear a climbing harness, a climbing helmet, our smart belay system and a flying fox pulley. Once you leave the ground, the smart belay system will ensure you are always connected to the safety line. Take a look at our video demonstrating the smart belay system in our gallery or facebook page.

Safety Training

All climbers will undergo compulsory safety training, followed by a chance to try out your new skills on our practice course. If any climber is unable or unwilling to continue after the practice, we will refund your money.

Qualified Staff

Our staff will be watching from the ground, and are available to answer questions or give advice on how to traverse the next challenge.

Safety Requirements

There are some clothing, physical and medical requirements. Click here to learn more

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The Urban Jungle Philosophy is to allow children to do what they love – climbing, exploring and challenging themselves, all in a safe environment. This unique attraction is the perfect way to get outdoors and enjoy an active healthy pastime. Families who climb together in adventure parks often comment on the bonding that occurs as they encourage and guide each other across the course.

There is ample research on the physical and mental benefits of participating on high ropes. Traversing the course will test the balance and dexterity of each child, building confidence as they tackle progressively more challenging courses. High Ropes is often used to build leadership and teamwork in small groups, as proven by school camps across the country.